From coating machine, tester and slitter to printer, etc., we produce the best quality products of the best performance based on new technologies and designs.


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Greetings from CEO

We've only walked one Path for 33 years.

Based on efficient system of talents with experience and advanced technology capabilities, BrandNew Machinery seeks to meet the current trend for precision, advancement, diversification, etc.

  • First, BrandNew Machinery leads changes;
  • Second, BrandNew Machinery is reliable to its customers;
  • Third, BrandNew Machinery always takes one step ahead. We will keep growing and going further.

Also, we will do our best to “create profit”, focusing on the quality, better productivity and cost-saving. We take our relationship with the customers very seriously and will make our best effort to continue the partnership as long as it can last.

Thank you.

CEO of BrandNew Machinery Seong-jin Do